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Ready-to-install USB

Why struggle with large data downloads, unzipping and USB's. Why not order 'ready-to-install' maps on a pre-formatted USB drive by mail to your door step. Just insert the USB drive into the USB port of your vehicle and wait for the system to prompt you for an upgrade. After installation is complete you can use the 32/ 64 GB USB drive to store music or documents as an added benefit!

Online Download

Download maps online and transfer to a USB to update your satnav maps in minutes. For example map downloads are 25GB+ for Europe and require a high speed internet connection along with a blank 32/64 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive formatted to FAT32/ EXFAT and a Windows computer to transfer data to your vehicle. Please read the FAQ section before ordering an Online Download.

Updating Maps Yourself Is Easy!

Navigation Map Updates refresh the data in your Bimmers navigation system. New and modified roads, speed limits, signage, points of interest, and more are added in order to improve routing accuracy. You can order your updates online and install them within a few minutes yourself right there on your own drive way! So get smart and order the latest map update today.

** Now Get Instant Map Downloads **

United States, Canada & Mexico:
Evo 2024-1 • Live 2024-1 • Move 2022 • Next 2024-1 • Premium 2023-1 • Route 2022-2 • Way 2024-1
Europe & UK:
Evo 2024-1 • Live 2024-1 • Motion 2024-1 • Move 2024 • Next 2024-1 • Premium 2024-2 • Route 2024-1 • Way 2024-1
Australia & New Zealand:
Evo 2023 • Live 2023-2 • Motion 2021 • Next 2023 • Premium 2020 • Route 2024 • Way 2024
Turkey Maps:
Evo 2024-1 • Live 2023 • Next 2020-2 • Premium 2021 • Route 2022 • Way 2022

2024 Premium Maps Updates & Model Compatibility

Starting in 2015, vehicles with Premium maps can only update using a USB drive as DVD updates are no longer available. You’re eligible for USB map updates if your car was made after March 2010 or if your older vehicle, built before March 2010, received a firmware update after that date. For vehicles manufactured before March 2010 that still run on their original firmware (no updates since purchase), it’s highly recommended to get a firmware update from a local dealership before attempting a map update.

Moreover, the latest 2023 North America Premium (does not apply to other regions) maps require a 64 GB USB drive due to their size. However, certain older North American vehicles can’t read 64GB USB drives because of firmware limitations. Currently, there’s no way to determine USB compatibility without trying it physically. If your vehicle can’t read 64GB USB drives, you won’t be able to install Premium maps released after 2021.

Buy online with complete confidence, no payment data stored on our website. Pay using any credit card on secure Stripe payment gateway. No Stripe account necessary. Most orders are processed in 1 business day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do the map upgrade void my warranty?

We have not known the map upgrades to void vehicle warranty. The Bimmer maps and FSC codes are fully compatible with your vehicle navigation, and are not software cracks! You can safely update the maps yourself at a fraction of the dealer price.

Do I require any special skills to upgrade ?

The maps Do Not require any special skills to upgrade. Detailed step by step instructions will be provided with the maps to help you complete the upgrades. Every update is backed by a 100% replacement guarantee and free online support.

What is FSC code?

Before you can update your Navigation you will require an FSC Code to install new  versions of the road map. The FSC (registration key) is a 20 digital activation code. The code is individually linked to your VIN (vehicle identification number).

What is life time map upgrade ?

Map upgrades come in 2 FSC versions. A “One Time FSC Code” allows you a one time map upgrade. However with a “Life Time FSC Code”, you do not pay for an FSC code ever again and only pay a small cost for the updated map data next time.

Should I order a USB or Online Download?

Online download allows you to download the maps directly from a link supplied to you. You then need to transfer the data to a USB for completing the installation. If you have issues with downloading large amounts of data or are not computer savvy, we suggest you order a USB drive.

What if the upgrade does not work?

Buy with full confidence, as all map upgrades come with a 100% replacement guarantee. If for any reason the FSC Code does not work as intended, we shall replace the update free of charge. Additionally we offer ‘next business day’ online free technical support to assist you with the installation.

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